Are Robots taking over? Humans need not apply!?

The UK has seen vast improvements and advancements in technology over the past few decades. With reports in the news this week that around a quarter of a million jobs in the public sector could be replaced by computers and robots in the next 15 years, should we, the human race be concerned?

We have all perceived technology to be far fetched concepts, however many are now turning into reality, just look at the the self driving cars that are hitting the roads in the USA - It’s the type of thing we only every dreamt of seeing at the movies! Technological developments may sound scary but technology has done so many things for the human race and will continue to do so.

One thing is clear – robots are going to be a part of everyday life in the not so distant future. With this in mind, should we be preparing the future workforce for a working world that works alongside these advancements and not feel threatened by the prospect of robots taking over their future careers? The future workforce need to discover their greatness and impact on the world, making informed choices about their future. It is time for our future generations to show what separates them from the robots!

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