It's getting chilly!

Autumn is here and it won't be long before winter is knocking on our door. So how do we manage employees during this cold weather?

The UK law states that employers must provide a reasonable temperature in the workplace but what exactly is 'reasonable'?

There is currently no upper limit on temperature however it is suggested that there is a minimum lower indoor working limit of 16 degree celsius, or 13 degree celsius if the work performed is physical. The temperature needs to be reached within an hour of work starting so its important to ensure that you have adequate heating provisions as the weather gets colder.

As well as office temperature, it is also important to consider driving conditions as plummeting temperatures are a cause for dangerous driving conditions such as icy roads. It's worth suggesting to your employees that they allow extra time in the morning in order to de-ice their car and to make time for slower, more careful driving. Unfortunately, the weather is ultimately out of our control, so it is important to be understanding if an employee is delayed! It's worth reminding your employees of their obligations - it's their responsibility to find a way of getting to work so they get paid!

It is important that businesses are prepared should there be a turn for the worst and a risk assessment is a great way of preparing for the worst weather conditions. It's also worth writing a business continuity plan should the weather get bad - you'll want to ensure your business keeps running. If you need help managing your employees in the cold weather, then don't hesitate to contact us.

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