Our future workforce - who are Gen Z?

Spend 40 hours a week in a cramped little cubicle, doing the same job for the rest of my life? No thanks! Gen Z

Witnessing my parents turn to my young nieces for computer related advice in this every changing digital world has made me stop and think: not only am I no longer the expert in all things digital but my nieces generation, 'Gen Z' have never known a world without an iPhone or iPad, without Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, growing up in a world of 'likes' and emoticons rather than words! Even my friends 3 year old daughter knows how to work an iPad much more effectively than I!

As Gen Z enter the working world, what is it that they are looking for and how do they differ from the generations that have gone before?

Gen Z employees are those born between 1995 and 2012, growing up in a rapidly changing world and through the global recession that hit us in 2008. We need to be aware that many of the jobs this generation will undertake, don't currently exist in our world today.

This generation will like to challenge the 'norm' and will be very entrepreneurial. Understanding their needs and goals will be the key to keeping them engaged in the workplace - this generation are used to having information at their fingertips and don't like waiting for an answer! It is predicted that they will be seeking security with flexibility.

When speaking about security with flexibility, it is important to understand that Gen Z want security not in the sense of life long commitment from their employers but through the security of skills: Skills that will enable them to work as freelancers/consultants enabling them to have flexibility, working when they want to, the opportunity to travel the world, earn more money than their parents and be able to work anywhere in the world using their digital capabilities.

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