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Last week I was lucky enough to be invited by Baiju Solanki, Founder of EnSpirit Global, to his pre launch event at WeWork, in London. It was such a great evening, full of inspiring entrepreneurs in business, making a difference by helping people who want to change something and perhaps lack the knowledge, or the confidence to try.

So many of the people at the event shared their amazing story and how they are making a real difference to the lives of young people, our future leaders. It was a real pleasure and I got to talk about our work in organisations, as well as our work with schools and with sports teams, using The Young People Index.

Simon Sinek in his latest TEDX talk about millennials in the workplace shows the need for our support to aid millennials transitioning into the world of work. Young People are lacking self-belief, confidence and knowing what they are good at. They expect instant gratification when it comes to their performance, so many of them feel disengaged quickly, thinking there is something wrong with them, but it's not them, it's the environment they have been born in to. We must try to help young people by supporting them in organisations, retaining them, understanding them and managing our own expectations in terms of what they can deliver and rethinking what works for them.

If we can come together, share our knowledge, skills, passion and understand the current working environment our young people are trying to navigate, then we can help so many more enter the world of work and not feel so overwhelmed, unfulfilled and lacking in confidence. We can empower them to be the best version of themselves.

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