How To Recruit & Retain Young Talent

Managing and retaining up and coming young talent requires a different type of approach. School leavers with little work experience, perhaps lacking in self-esteem and confidence issues are often unsure of how they will fit into a team and organisation.

The opportunity lies with business owners to nurture and support these youngsters, as they are vital to the success of your business and also to the economy as a whole. It might sound corny, but they really are our future….

Our Top Tips For Retaining & Nurturing Young Talent

  1. Vision - Young people want to work for organisations who know ‘WHY’ they do what they do (Check out Simon Sinek’s – Start with Why -

  2. Alignment - Make sure you align everyone in the business to your WHY, so you are all working towards the same goal. Young people need to feel a sense of belonging to your organisation.

  3. Employer Brand - Why do people come to work for you? Forget salary and job titles, what else do you offer? What development programmes are in place. Young people want to know that you are going to develop them and teach them the skills they need to reach their full potential.

  4. Recruitment Agency - If you use an agency and in this market, you’d be crazy not to, work with one that gets who you are and values the culture that exists in your bsiness. Work closely with them so they feel like an extention to your business. That way they will find the right fit for you in half the time.

  5. Values – What are your values? How do you demonstrate these every day? Do you live and breathe them, not just display them on the wall. Young people will see through this. Young people are matching their values to yours, so make sure they’re authentic.

  6. Induction – Make sure you have a robust induction plan. Make sure your new talent knows exactly what their journey looks like and keep checking in with them regularly. Young people like recognition and constructive feedback! (don’t we all). Also, assign them a mentor.

These are only a snippet of what can be done to better manage young talent coming into your business, but there are plenty of other ways businesses can help bridge the gap early on. Does your business work with schools, colleges and universities, perhaps now is the time to get involved and nurture your future talent.

Helen Rivero also runs the The Young People Index, The tool measures non-academic strengths, which raises self awareness, self esteem and confidence, showing each and every young person how they can make an impact on the world. This is derived by academic research of Professor Adrian Furnham and Dr. John Mervyn-Smith and their 'GC Index®', which was originally created to help organisations search the market for individuals who could deliver transformational change.

For more info on how we can help you attract, nurture and retain talent, contact us at

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